Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Yulia: Greetings from jolly old Pathetictown

I love the rainbow carpet at the Indigo Hotel - my ex Alex (who adores amazing design) would have freaked over this place!!!

Oh, Poofy. You hurt my soul. You once upon a times have boyfriend. You bring him up in most lame way ever today. I go pull on goat teats now and get milk. And cry a little. On inside.


  1. Jules like Mongolian Yak..

    Always pulled in wrong direction

  2. This carpet looks like a spectrograph of the tiny cupcake candle at the center of Julia's soul.

  3. Pink Multimedia ExperienceApril 7, 2009 at 1:52 PM

    Is Jackles speaking of the ineffable Alexander Marquardt or are we talking about another Alex? If it's Marquardt, isn't this the same guy who looked uncomfortable being seen with her during the inauguration "coverage," i.e., posting cell phone pictures of herself in hotel lobbies? The ineffable Mr. Marquardt appeared to rid himself of Jackles' shackles as quickly as possible, but then he also had a real job to do, unlike the delusional one.

  4. If you need a refresher course on Julia's disturbing and creepy ex stalking, just go to her blog and search "Alex" or "ex."



  5. The Ineffable Alexander Marquardt is a different Alex than The Ex Alex. She never dated The Ineffable Alexander Marquardt, just said some creepy stuff about wanting to have his babies or something on her twitter. See above searches on her blog, plus this one:

    I am sure both Alexes are more than just a little disturbed by the space devoted each of them on her blog. I have never before seen someone who so publicly enjoys wallowing in the past. Sure, we all Google an ex now and then but we don't tell the world about it! Or post old pictures! Or go ON AND ON AND ON about what might have been. Sheesh! It's sort of pathetic and gross. No.... it's really pathetic and gross.

    I also see Julia's leaving London. Guess Ed's buddies never gave her a call after all. Sigh. But thank god she documented the trip by taking a picture of a sign on a fence and a train station. LIVING DIFFERENTLY!!!


  6. Her last three entries are photos of a hotel hallway floor, a random sign on a gate with the caption "Walking Around" and then a shot of what looks like an airport terminal gate. It's like she is almost trying to post the worst content ever. I could not have come up with worse imags in London if I TRIED.

  7. Julia joking that she want's to have Ineffable Alexander Marquardt's babies. Because nothing turns on an uninterested man more than you saying you want to have his babies.

    Julia claiming that the Ineffable Alexander Marquardt (then in Vegas) "lives too far away" to date seriously not because, you know, he's just not that into you.

  8. She knows that "babies" comment drives men away, it's her latent lesbianism at work. She likes the ladies, nothing wrong with that except the perma-denial. Hell, she even twittered about her erotic dream a few days ago which didn't get the coverage that it deserved:

    Had a dream I hooked up with Cynthia Nixon, Ellen DeGeneres, Tyra Banks & Oprah Winfrey. Not together, but ... um ... WHAT!?!?!
    1:04 AM Apr 3rd from web

  9. Pink Multimedia ExperienceApril 7, 2009 at 2:22 PM

    Mean Girl--Thanks for the links. Re: the original Alex, he looks much older than our lady before she'd ruined her looks on sleepless nights and juice cleanses. I've always said Jackles needs to marry older, preferable an impotent and/or gay man who won't ask for sex.

  10. 2.12: I know, right? This is unbelievable. I think she may have spent a lot of time in the tiny hotel room feeling miserable until she had to check out, followed by feeling lost and lonely, nipping out for a quick picture of the neighbourhood and getting on the next train from Paddington.
    It was actually quite a pleasant day over here, so nice pics from her walk clearly would have been a possiblity, if she had done some serious walking around. The street Hide Park Gardens is just down the street from the hotel. My bet is she didn't even make it until the actual park.

  11. John Wilkes BoothApril 7, 2009 at 2:30 PM

    That carpet is hideously tacky. Does Julia also look at the watercolors of clowns in hotel rooms and praise their 'exquisite craftsmanship'?

  12. circle gets the squareApril 7, 2009 at 2:35 PM

    re: sitting in her hotel doing absolutely nothing - Julia Allison is just trying to make sure none of you evil jealous losers win a game of Baugher Bingo: International Edition. You know she couldn't resist a trip to Topshop to pick up some more unflattering ankle booties!

  13. Fran, Julia Baugher doesn't adjust well to change (see: Ex Alex). Sitting alone in her tiny hotel room probably makes her feel comfortable because it's just like sitting alone in her tiny apartment at home. It's her "safe" place just like her Rebecca Taylor tweed tent dress is her "safe" dress and Buyology is her "safe" book ;)

  14. Panty thief, you read that woman like a book :)

  15. She goes to Europe to talk to people about running a website. The content of said website? What it's like to be someone who runs a website. The posts in Europe? Mostly about what it's like to be in Europe telling people about what it's like to run about website about website-running. That and a snap of her upcoming travel itinerary. Guess what? More conferences about webiste-running...

  16. I'm confused. Is Julia trying to be this creative writer, or a businesswoman?

    If she really wants to write a screenplay, she should probably read a few novels.

  17. "She goes to Europe to talk to people about running a website. The content of said website? What it's like to be someone who runs a website. The posts in Europe? Mostly about what it's like to be in Europe telling people about what it's like to run about website about website-running. That and a snap of her upcoming travel itinerary. Guess what? More conferences about webiste-running..."

    GOD I KNOW. Her website is... nothing. At all. So why on earth do people care to hear her talk about it? All she seems to be doing lately is marketing. iJustine is sooooo much better.

  18. Julia Allison is a closed loop of redundancy. Sort of like an M.C. Escher sketch only 100% less cool, interesting or well done. She's more like a clown stuck in a room of fun house mirrors, reflecting her freaky deaky self back on itself ad infinitum.

  19. Pink Multimedia Experience -

    I know Alex, her ex. Very nice guy. Definitely older than Jackles. He was married when he met Jackass. She's a man-stealing pig who broke up his marriage.

    And what kind of fucking idiot travels to Europe and posts photos of hotel carpets and airports???!!

  20. Julia is the darling of the people in charge of the Circumlocution Department.

  21. HE. WAS. MARRIED????????????????????????? WHOA.

  22. cupcakes and botox for all!April 7, 2009 at 3:34 PM

    more on the husband stealing, please. any details?

  23. Panty thief:

    "Julia Allison is a closed loop of redundancy. Sort of like an M.C. Escher sketch only 100% less cool, interesting or well done."

    Beautifully put. Bingo!

  24. emily gould recently wrote a really funny post about how, on a recnetg trip back form Russia, her plane smelled like, well... Russians!

    It was good. And it was funny and it had elements of what's cool and awful about travel and having along-distance love (she was visitinghe rman-friend in Mosco, I guess).

    Anyway, it reminded me of sooo many of Julia ALlison's travel posts. Just awful, banal stuff. You can smell the insecurity. She has nothing to say about where she is. Or what she's doing. Or what she's learning form any of it. Or what's funny or absurd or hard about it.

    And it also reminded me that these two hit the manhattan media scene at the same time. They were sort of two side sof the same over-sharing coin, really.

    And damn, has Gould flown by her. I hear she also got a six figure advance for a book of essays, which I'm sure, even if you don't love her subject matter, will be exceedingly well-written.

    Julia's gone more the Rock Of Love, Celebrity Cribs route. And, frankly, it's worthless.

  25. 3:28PM + 3:34PM

    Sorry, don't have a lot of details re: the husband stealing. I knew Alex pre-Jackles. The girl he married was very pretty, very sweet. That's why I was so shocked to find out that he left her for Jackles.

    I know I've seen a few posts here and there about this. I'll see if I can dig something up.

  26. Anon3:42, Gould also coined the term "Scary Sadshaw," which shows more self-awareness than Jill from LIU ever had.

  27. Julia makes reference to Alex's divorce in this old blog post. She referred to him as "The Boyfriend" on her old blog.

    "In fact, until I met The Boyfriend, I didn’t really “get” the concept. But after experiencing his divorce vicariously, I realized that the one (only?) benefit in such a situation is learning exactly how that person will act under the worst of circumstances. The Boyfriend came out looking like a champ, unremitting in his generosity and positive spirit, never once uttering a negative word about his ex-wife, never once faltering in his chivalry towards her or even allowing the proceedings to hang over our burgeoning relationship. "You have to take a step back and think about the other person," he tells me. "You have to remember the good times. It's not productive or healthy to be angry or petty - you can always make more money or buy more stuff.""

  28. Anon 3:24 --

    "I know Alex, her ex. Very nice guy. Definitely older than Jackles. He was married when he met Jackass."

    Something about this quartet of sentences just isn't working. I'm not trying to defend Julia, but no woman can cause a man to be unfaithful. Ultimately, the husband is the one who made the vow, and if he was truly committed, it wouldn't matter HOW strong the other woman was coming on... he just wouldn't take the bait.

  29. eww lots of passivity in that comment, but whatevs.

  30. This is from Gawker:

    'In New York, Allison has a whole ecosystem of media industry horny toads to romp among, as opposed to those charming but rather conflicted political types. Eligible men are her favorite playtoy — and eligibility is very generously interpreted. Her habit of purring and flirting with taken or married men frequently brings the claws out from those menfolk's significant others. For a time, she even enjoyed a public companionship and rumored private dalliance with none other than Lloyd Grove. If you happen to be one of the few people who doesn't know about her affair with Harold Ford, she'll certainly fill you in — all the while wondering aloud if she really should go on Fox News again. And don't even get her started about when she dumped a guy in a Jamba Juice, after supposedly stealing him from away from his wife.'


  31. ... Now that I think about there are a lot of parallels between the "careers" of Emily Gould and Julia Allison.

    Like, Emily worked at Gawker when Gawker first started trying to make JA into some sort of new media It girl. Of course, when Emily began to sour on the weirdness and meanness of the Gawker world, and how it felt like a waste of her talent, she famously quit, on-line. Julia only occassionally bashes the internet and what it has done to her - and then dives back in with renewed gusto.

    And they both ended up as magazine covergirls. Emily had her NYT Sunday mag and Julia, as she is wont to remind us every few days, had Wired...

    Hmmm. weird, right? What else?

  32. Emily and Julia are quite different:
    - Emily has moved on from that NY media world, Julia has not and is sadly trying to scratch and claw her way back into relevancy.
    - Emily is a talented writer. Julia is not.
    - Emily has a book deal. Julia does not.

  33. Hmmm. Julia supposedly has been involved with two married men? Makes you wonder if Daddy Baugher stepped out on Momma Baugher here and there. That would explain a lot.

  34. Exactly 4:11!!

    Emily Gould is nothing like Julia. She can actually write!

  35. I can't stand either one. What I came away with from my limited browsings is that Julia is trying to do the SATC dream nyc girl bullshit, and Emily is trying to be the hip rocker chick. They are both posers.

    I don't know why but I am really just fed up with Jaba today. I can't even muster a comment because I just don't give a shit right now.

  36. The worst thing about Emily is that she's FRIENDS with Julia. Says a lot.

  37. .. on Gould. JA

    No, no, I'm not putting them in the same league.

    I'm saying it's funny, or just so clear, the difference between the two paths for women who basically started at the same place with the same ideas.

    Gould is making herself into a thinkin' person's writer, something JA also claimed she wanted.

    Meanwhile, Julia is really, as one commenter pointed out, caught in the funhouse mirrors of internet celebrity - something Gould sort of fought against, and won.

    I was just looking to extend the anaolgy (because none of my sources are calling me back at work today!)

  38. are they still friends, though? Julia used to write about her. I got the feeling she kinda latched on to Emily to absorb some more spotlight... but has backed off these days. Maybe because JA would suffer by comparison.

  39. I totally understand partypants. It's easy to get fed up with Jaba considering she really is the most tedious yet boring person ever. Hotel carpets. Woo fucking hoo. Everyone needs a break now and then. Unfortunately the only one who can't manage to take a break from Julia Allison is Julia Allison. I think we'd all be a little better off if she really and truly had her "internet is ruining my life" moment and stepped off the web for a while. Sadly, I don't think that moment of soul searching, introspection and self-awareness is coming anytime soon. She's not smart enough for that.

  40. If I may follow up on that, panty thief, it is not the internet that is ruining anything. This is all of Julia's very own making. And this travel schedule just proves once more that she is all about talking the talk, but not walking the walk.
    About Emily Gould: Not my cup of tea, either, partypants. This heartbreaksoup-thing around Josh Stein alone was enough to make me not ever want to hear her name again. She may have a way with words, but is still too egocentric and a tad pretentious for my taste. However, she'll most likely make her way as a writer and was smart enough to connect well within the literary scene. Julia on the other hand? Not so much.

  41. is Alex the ex she was engaged to???

  42. No, I think she was engaged to someone else when they met, while this Alex guy was still married.

  43. From overheard in NY, link via a comment on Julia's blog:

    Clerk: 20 copies [of ELLE Decor]?
    Older man: My Hamptons house is on the cover.
    Younger woman: Actually, it's not his house anymore.
    Older man: It's my ex-wife's.
    Younger woman: Yeah, he traded the house for me!


  44. Agreed, Fran. "The internet is ruining my life" were Julia's own words at one time - particularly hilarious because she lacks the self awareness to realize that her troubles are all of her own doing. She will never take a break from the web because she doesn't think SHE is the problem.

    And if you forgot that JULIA ALLISON WAS ON THE COVER OF WIRED, Meghan helpfully reminds everyone with a photo and this caption: "WIRED UK used Julia’s cover in the intro to the magazine. Even after all these months, it still looks smokin’ hot!" Uh... what is that supposed to mean? A passive aggressive swipe at Julia's rapid decline in smokin' hotness over all these months?

    It looks like all three of them are traveling back to NYC this week. Complaints of exhaustion and then desperate pleas for TMI show topics in 3... 2... 1..

  45. Julia's old blog posts on:

    Breaking up with the fiancee (that she lived with in LA - scrubbed this bit of the past from her bio)

    Breaking up with the financee and then moving right on to date Alex:

  46. From her column in 2006:

    "without The Boyfriend, I’d be perpetually late and virtually incapable of going to bed at a “reasonable” hour. I’d also still wear ribbons in my hair and live in an apartment decorated completely in pink and white furniture from IKEA."

    DAMN, she shoulda kept him around.

  47. 2:12

    I can't get over the last pictures she posted from London, either! "Walking around" with a picture of a street sign that looks really no different than some we have here in the states! Next she'll post, "drinking water" with a picture of a plain water bottle. If we're lucky, she'll post "washing my hands," with a picture of a running faucet.

  48. Julia, get out of that lifebox rut you're in!

    p.s. remember lightbox=lifebox. I've made a gazillion typos in my comments but it's finally not for nil!

  49. Funny:

    nick (Nick Douglas). # Found out I'm blocked by @juliaallison. Am I supposed to cover my side of the wall with graffiti?about 4 hours ago from web

    tdhurst: I am at a loss for what @juliaallison actually does. Do any of you know?

  50. In response to tdhurt's twit, I offer my knowledge of what Yoolio "Jill" Allison does:

    1-She solicits freebies of everything. Absolutely everything.
    2-She returns any freebies she cannot use for store credit and/or gift cards.
    3-She sends twits to celebrities, founders, and supposed friends.
    4-She waits for responses that never come.
    5-She takes pictures of herself in 1 or 4 poses (side lean in, hand on hip, skirt pulled out to one side, Or this weird lunge pose with her hands in the air).
    6-She mention's her ex boyfriend(s) and their respective girlfriends on a biweekly basis.
    7-She writes single sentences, sometimes single words, for her enlightening lifebox lifecast.
    8-Once in a blue moon, she writes more than 1 paragraph with lots [read: too much] of punctuation.
    9-She re-reads airport business nonfiction often forgetting she already read the novel.
    10-She writes passive aggressive tweets and blogs about her business partners and friends.
    11-She calls her daddy to make sure rent is in the mail.
    12-She fights with mommy.
    13-She attends conferences and pretends she has a lifecast even though it is devoid of content.
    14-She goes to a LOT of piano bars.
    15-She goes on dates with old sleezy men sent to her by a matchmaker. These dates are often Mary's sloppy seconds.
    16-She sends tips about herself to Gawker.
    17-She thinks about going to the gym but falls back on her juice and cupcake plan.

    ...God, I could go on but I can't take it any longer.

  51. Jing, Anon 2:12 here. Honestly, I think these barely literate posts show she is in the throes of deep regret, almost to the point where she cannot function. She realizes she threw away some nice guys. From her column about breaking up with Alex in a Jamba Juice. "If I were 30, with a variety of life experiences under my belt, I’d marry The Boyfriend in a heartbeat. But I’m not! I need to make my own mistakes, to date Mr. Wrongs, to see what else life has to offer."

  52. Whoo boy, Toolia gets slammed in this Gawker article about the closure of club Beatric Inn:

    "And so the glitz and glamor of the club, coupled with the constant crowing by some New York-centric blogosphere blogs, began bringing negative attention. Not really just from the crackdown authorities, who meekly tried to curb the drugs and smoking, but from losers and poseurs and people who cast the seething milieu in too-bright, unfavorable light. When all-too-willing media punching bag Julia Allison is seen weeping at your club, its must-go-to days may be numbered."

    ..."but for most the whole thing will probably soon just seem silly and indulgent and wrong, joining the embarrassing annals of the city's pop history, like leg warmers or beanies, like Ms. Allison or the short reign of Peaches Geldof."

  53. Julia and Emily are no longer friends, after the NYT article, wherein Emily referred to her as a casual, embarrassing acquaintance.

    Julia has a short shelf life for friends, and a very thin definition thereof.

  54. She dumped Alex because she was looking for the OBO, as she cited herself semi-recently. It was a huge mistake for her; she's hardly dateable now, and she was lucky to find someone older and somewhat wealthy who voluntarily tolerated her. It isn't all that surprising because she was young, attractive, in shape and definitely gave it up more than she ever will these days - maybe the drinking factored in there, who knows. But that's among the reasons she can't stop mentioning him to this day. Alex will always be the "what if" and her life hasn't been any better since she stopped dating him. She still could have been herself and independent while she was with him, I think he's old enough to have understood that she needed to experience life as much as she could at her young age; she just seriously thought she could eventually do better, and that she had to be single in order for that to happen. It didn't, now she won't leave the guy's name off her site for even a month. It's never happening again Jules, ESPECIALLY not now when you've fallen so far from whoever that old Julia he used to know was. Funny bit from her old blog post (about the fiancee) - "Our scene went more like this: “If you even THINK about throwing my clothing off the balcony again, I will call the police.” “Oh, yeah, just try calling them – I’m cutting off your cell phone because you were on my Friends & Family plan and now you’re NEITHER!” “Oh really? I’m glad, because your mom is ugly.”
    I think you get the idea. (Although I never really said his mom was ugly. She’s not.)"

    So we can guess who played what role in this conversation, and that the guy was talking about cutting off her cell phone that he apparently was paying for. She also mentions that she was ENGAGED in college. So it's only after she breaks this engagement - and this new guy is only a boyfriend - that she decides she may need to experience life more? Completely a case of the better offer. She's supposedly ready to settle down in a marriage (or did she just want a shiny ring and feel bad about saying yes to what she really didn't want.. I'm going to guess this is the law guy that defended her in some school paper, link posted recently) yet she's freaking out over having a 'perfect' boyfriend for too long and needs to end it? Seriously odd. I think that at that point, when she'd moved to the city and was attention-whoring it up to the Nth degree via gawker and elsewhere, she just didn't want a boyfriend or relationship commitment preventing her from doing what she wanted when she wanted. As we can see, that's worked out FABULOUSLY for her.

  55. UGH. She's going to pick up more shit from topshop and make it sound so chic... "the ankle booties I got from topshop in London". STFU!

    There's a topshop in SOHO now.


    Stories are getting crossed. A little JAB dating history is needed. I will preface by saying it's pathetic that I know all of this. That said ...

    - She dated Dan for three years during high school and her first semester at IU. He was a year her junior. He dumped her over holiday break.

    - College: IU and Georgetown. Had a thing for med students. She dated guy studying abroad in Equador (funny we never hear about that). Also a senator and a trust-fund kid from New Zealand. She got engaged to law student Jon her senior year. Moved to LA and she dumped him. It was ugly, as cited above.

    - Moved to NYC. Dated Alex, the married "Boyfriend," until 2006. Dumped him in a Jamba Juice, but he allowed her to continue to live with him. I guess he's happy today.

    - This is where it gets interesting. She was newly single and just getting used to seeing her name in Gawker. She ran around with a couple of men at the same time, which is fine, except she let a good one get by. The love she lost -- the one I believe she regrets the most -- is MICHAEL. He wrote her love letters and loved her deeply, by all accounts. She broke his heart. He no longer speaks to her. Michael is the one she will never forgive herself for losing.

    - Michael took her on a trip to the Dominican Republic in Dec. 2006 (weird, because she later went there with Jakob), and a month later, she accepted a trip to South Africa for New Years with Stephen, Candace Bushnell's ex. Didn't put out. Michael unexpectedly flew to Chicago after the holidays to be with Julia only to see that she was two-timing him. So she went off to South Africa with CD's ex and left Michael with a broken heart.

    - In early 2007, she started seeing Dave Z-whatever from Men's Health, went to St. Barts with Stephen and had a wild sexy weekend in LA with Milo Ventimiglia from Heroes. (Didn't last. A few days later he was seen out with Emmy Rossum.)

    - I don't know, I am bored just reading this, but she dated a few other random guys before starting to see Jakob. She was hanging out with Leven Rambin all the time back then, before she became close with Lev's older sis Mary. And we all know what Leven and Jakob did after he broke up with Julia!

  57. Also: She had a major thing for Ricky from College Humor. Met him at a party and he was -- guess what! -- dressed in a costume even though no one else was. Can you imagine the sirens that went off in her head. She totally wanted him and and only hooked up with Jakob because Ricky was not at all interested.

  58. 8:12

    Thanks! That was fantastic.

  59. And there was a faux pregnancy scare with Jakob, right?

  60. Anon 8:12/8:26: Totally illuminating. (And so succinct, too!)

    Also, being rejected by Ricky Van Veen is like being waitlisted by a community college -- there has to be something seriously wrong with you. RVV is not exactly the world's most discerning hookup.

  61. Apparently Michael likes crazy girls. A friend of mine is good friends with him, and apparently all of his [Michael's] friends can't stand his current girlfriend (and they just moved in together, oy).

    But love letters, and everything? I would never have let that go.

  62. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1723854/cisco_digital_cribs_meghan_asha/

    Hey, remember this cute little video? Meghan tooootttaalllly paid for her hooked up apartment with NonSociety money. Totally. "Never gets a dime" from her parents.

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. That Girl Allison once again pops up and tries to tie herself into Julia's circle. Talking trash about Michael's new girlfriend? Really?? Give it up. She's not going to be your friend, OK?

  65. Julia just landed, via her Twitter.

    Most of the posts about Michael -- in one, she talks about his Christmas gift to her, a date to the ballet, buying her emerald earrings and five dresses (!) so she could choose the one she liked the most, and FINALLY a weekend trip to the islands -- have disappeared.

  66. Pantythief, Julia will never step away from the internet, even though there is a nagging little voice in the very recesses of her mind that keeps telling her to, because she knows she has nothing to take its place.

    If she doesn't do this, what will she do? She's very stubborn by nature and so she will just keep plugging away at this lifecasting debacle until she either collapses in a pink, frothing heap or someone offers her a job (or wedding ring) that will provide her with a graceful way out ("This was always the plan, bunnies!").

    No matter how hard we wish her to step away and save herself, she just won't.

  67. Allison - I'd genuinely like to know WHY you keep coming here trying to defend or support Julia. Can you articulate that for us? What do you hope to gain?

  68. "Then there was the New Years I spent in South Africa when I was 25, where I managed to sneak off during the evening and kiss a second guy, one that I really liked, instead of my actual date, who I thought was passably amusing, but not very attractive. I tend to like adventure and flirty intrigue, and that trip was very much an adventure in flirty intrigue. Not to mention, it portended a year of that to come …"


    Guy she kissed: Dave Z.

    Guy she was with: Bushnell's ex

    Guy who may have actually loved her: Michael, at home and brokenhearted, three weeks after he took her away on a holiday vacation. This is why she acts so virtuous now: she feels guilty and ashamed for her recent past. She used men to get into the Hamptons and exotic islands and into cool parties at home. He actually helped her career but she blew him off and has the nerve to recount the experience like this.

  69. Alison's comment doesn't defend Julia at all. She's saying that Michael dated crazy women. Julia dated Michael. Therefore, she's implying that Julia is crazy. At least that's how I read it. I don't think she should have to defend her choice to continue reading this blog. People need to chill around here. Nobody is going to take your precious slam book away.

  70. I'm not going to speak for anyone else but I'd like for Allison to tell us more. It's got to be better than picking through Julia's cyber garbage and recycling the same stories every other day. How many times can Michael, Alex, The Senator, Mary's homelessness, Megan's blahness and Julia's weight be discussed, people?

  71. Thanks, 10:39pm. I wasn't defending Julia at all. I think it's sad that a seemingly-great guy like Michael has to constantly be attracted to the same types of women (who apparently have issues?).

    Why are my comments considered "popping up"? Is it because I don't comment after every other new comment?

    I don't know anything else, not that I can think of. My friend didn't know Michael very well when he dated Julia, he only knows the current girlfriend (whom I did not pass judgment on, I only repeated what my friend thinks of her).

  72. "Why are my comments considered "popping up"? Is it because I don't comment after every other new comment? "

    Well look who's gettin' sassy!

    Yes, Allison, to be considered a true RBNSer you must find a hundred and twelve different ways to say Julia is fat even though you'd die if your photo was ever posted here, cross check both her Twitter and her Flickr accounts and commit her blog archives to memory then call Julia a sociopathic stalker, mock her joke of a career even though you're barely employed, say over and over what a horrible writer she is even though she's had three high profile writing gigs and you've had zero and hide your deep seeded resentment over the fact that she got further in her career than you did by flaunting her boobs. This is very important Allison. You must write comments that includes one of these subjects at least ten times per thread. If you don't do all those things then you're a poser.

  73. 8:12 A couple things I can vouch for. The LA trip to see Milo was a bust, he, wait for it, wanted nothing to do with her. And Jakob and Leven hooked up when he and JA were still dating.

  74. Legally Bland, that is quite the Dickensian (read: run-on) sentence!

    It is foolish to make assumptions regarding the demographics of this site. It is also foolish to write that Julia "had three high profile writing gigs." Her AM New York column was virtually unknown and, notoriously, earned Julia less than minimum wage compensation. Her "gig" with Time Out wasn't exactly celebrated, or attention-garnering, beyond a 10 mile radius with Manhattan at the epicenter. I'm assuming the third writing gig you mention was her column in The Hoya. However, compared to many sex writers of the Ivies, Julia's column received little praise.

    Julia is not famous for her body of work, and it is laughable to argue otherwise. Julia Allison is not famous for writing; she is famous for being written about. Julia Allison was to Gawker what Scarlett Johanssen (sp?) was to Woody Allen. The relationship was mutually beneficial, but the well is dry... and as Woody replaces Scarlett with new-muse, Frieda Pinto, Gawker is moving on, and away from Julia Allison, as well.

    Regardless, the joke may be on us, after all, with each comment serving as the propagation of what we wish - some of us, desperately -to halt.

  75. Anony 11:36

    "...and hide your deep seeded resentment..."

    And also be jealous that she has a spell checker that lets her know when she is using the wrong word, whether it's spelled correctly or not?

    It's deep seated, in case you were wondering. Although you may be referring to Julia's wonderful garden of earthly whatevs.

  76. Let he who at least knows how to spell common expressions cast the first stone at the writing abilities/skills of others.

  77. LB didn't critique anyone's writing skills or abilities. If that's what you took from their comment then that speaks to your own insecurities.

  78. Legally Bland:

    1. I have my picture posted in a hundred different places all over the intarwebs, and have never denied I'm a TLC obesity show waiting to happen...so, not sure what you mean by "die if your photo was ever posted here".

    2. I have seen her twitter but I've never looked at any of her other online stuff. I don't see the need since all the funny stuff is posted here anyway, and working 12 hour days means I don't want to spend my leisure hours looking at pictures of hotel carpets.

    3. Mentioning your ex on a public site on a weekly basis and constantly messaging people who don't know/care who you are to make them acknowledge you sort of sounds like stalking. Sorry.

    4. I am not barely employed. On the contrary, I am VERY employed in a well-paying field and due to my bitchin skillz yo! have never been out of work longer than a month at ANY TIME in the last 7 years. What enviable high profile gig is Julia doing again?

    5. I've gotten plenty far flaunting my tits, as well. Thankfully I had brains above my tits so I wasn't caught writing checks with my mouth that my ass couldn't cash.

    LB if I have learned anything in over a decade of teh intarwebz it's that you really need to not assume you know what people are like based on comments from a blog. Calling people out for failing at life doesn't mean we are jealous. It just means Julia fails it. (it is life.)

    Love, The Alcoholic Cat Lady

  79. Legally Bland shows up at around the same time Julia gets home and sends out some tweets from the web. Connect the dots people.

  80. Even if that was true, don't give her or anyone the satisfaction of disrupting things here again.

  81. @Allison - I am not sure who you know but I know Michael and his best friends were the ones who set him up with the current girlfriend. Everyone hated Julia (who he only dated - never exclusively).

  82. All I hear from my friend is that they all think she's absolutely nutso.

  83. Really? You're going to trash this Michael's new girlfriend.

    It's just jealousy that you can't stand other people to be happy. He moved on, he's happy...just let it go!

  84. I'm not trashing her - like I said above, I'm only telling whoever reads this that his friends don't think the best of her.

  85. wowallisonisnuckingfutsjustwow.com

  86. Not to be little miss ethical here, but shouldn't we better let the people from her past rest in peace and even more so those who just happen to know or be with someone Jackles used to know/date/screw over?

  87. Let's guess which Gawker commenter is using what user name.

    I say we start with Jacy and Total Jing. Then move on to partypants.

  88. Lets examine Allison before we rip apart people from her distant past who want nothing to do with her. Wait, not even people from her past - the loved ones of people from her distant past. Wowyouareashittyperson.com