Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Goodnight, You Goddamned Dickasses

It has been brought to my goddamned attention that in my first few days on the job, I have been too goddamned trigger-happy in terms of deleting some of your sorry-ass shit-eating comments.
And once fucking deleted, arseholes, they cannot be retrieved.

The pricks and bitches that run this place have reminded me of the goddamned rules once again, and I don't mind saying it chaps my hide because there ain't nothing I love more than shooting ass first and asking questions later.

But OK, you pansy-assed goddamned losers.

1. The fuckers here don't care if you insult them or their blog. They take issue with you trying to out people's real-life fucking identities. Got it, sheep-fuckers?

2. They also don't want commenters starting up wars with other commenters. "That's a fucking stupid thing to say" is one fucking thing. "I know where you live and I am coming to get you" is a whole other bowl of goddamned cowpies, got it you sorry-arsed motherfuckers?

If I went too far today, I will not fucking apologize. Tomorrow is another goddamned day and I will try to keep my goddamn gun in its holster.

Until sunrise, arselickers.


  1. I see the Comment Sheriff has been doing the Blueprint diet as well.

  2. All together now:

    "Goodnight Comment Sherriff! See you tomorrrrrrrrrow!"

  3. This is the best post I've read on RBNS. Ever.

  4. I love you Comment Sheriff!
    Something about a man who isn't afraid to stand by his convictions...

    (Dirty Lake Michigan - won't let me post my moniker)

  5. 'I know where you live and I am coming to get you'?
    That's a whole lotta rage.

    I don't know who anybody is and I don't care where any of you live. Well, you know; I CARE but only as a friend, sort of thing. I am not a woman of wrath: please continue to allow my comments, sir?

  6. God I want to tongue kiss your stache so bad right now, Sheriff Awesome.

  7. New post - Julia posted a picture of her kissing her travel friend/personal paparazzi on the head. Let the repressed lesbian talk begin anew...

  8. Can I still call Julia a cunt? Seriously I came here to defend her because it beggared my belief that one woman could promote so much internet criticism but as soon as I read this blog I realised that she was one of the lowest forms of life and deserves all the derision she gets.

  9. Yes you can, you dumbass cockfucker. And what kind of name is that anyway? You must be a pansy-loving queer boy!

  10. I have a thing for men in uniform.

  11. Oh my god, I am SO IN LOVE with the Comment Sheriff and his vituperative vocabulary. I will have to start reading here on a regular basis again.