Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Julia: Tool

Yay! NonSociety was selected as a Webby Honoree in the Blog - Culture/Personal category of the 13th Annual Webby Awards. :)

Oh Jackles. Remember this? Sad :(


  1. Or this? We know about the short time memory problem, bunny, always happy to help.

    Tool, indeed.

  2. Off-topic but vaguely web-related, I was browsing someone's site and came across a link to this old post:

    Check out the last comment, by Julia. So the next time you feel bad about body-snarking on the girl's ballooning weight, don't feel so bad:


    Julia Allison says:

    Do you really think I’d date a 3/10?

    Um, no.

    J is more like a … hmm … probably a 6.5 / 10. If he dressed better, he’d be a 7.5 / 10. If he went to the gym? He could get up to an 8.5.

    I’m a tough grader, but at least let’s be accurate about it!

  3. Julia Allison is a tool part deux: "We’re thrilled to hear about our peeps at NNN winning Webbys! (Given that we launched in October, we didn’t submit TMIweekly for consideration this year. Next year!!)"

    Mary Rambin - also a tool: "CONGRATS to our Next New Networks kindred! Quality shows fueled by a great team we are honored to have with us." <<< What does that last sentence even mean???

    They are crazy to think that TMIWeekly deserves ANY type of award. They are the most utterly unwatchable web shows I have ever seen. The dramatic mugging for the camera, the nonexistent preparation, the scattered discussion topics, the cutting put downs, the bad intro, sets and lighting... I could go on. Terrible, all the way around. What's really funny is how much they talk about how hard they work on it. Really? And that's the result? And they're proud of it? It's almost embarrassing. No... it's really embarrassing.

  4. The only grade JA has for men is how much their bank account is

  5. Jacy you are killing me with your "Julia: _______" titles these days. One word sums it up and here it is tool. Awesome.

  6. Jacy - may I suggest you add the first and last name - Julia Allison: Tool - to your posts? And headers? And blog titles? This blog really is more about Julia Allison than Nonsociety after all.

  7. Julia, the Webby Award is a certificate of participation for your credit card. Put down the celebratory cupcakes and move on.

  8. Yeah, these are the pay for an award, award presentation. And there are 5 nominees and two winners for each categories. Honorees are not nominees but anyone who paid the $275 for the honor to be honored.