Thursday, May 21, 2009

What is Meghan up to??

Pointing, apparently. 

It seemed a good time to check in with her, since she (perhaps smartly!) is now playing second fiddle to the Whale Paparazzi girl. 



  1. What iS Meghan up to?


  2. Meghan is up to the standard trustafarian stuff, going shopping, eating in nice restaurants, and flying home on a private jet.

    But I wonder if Daddy Checkbook saddled her with sis as a warning to get a real job. Now that would make an interesting TMI episode...all three could talk about the soul-sucking exchanges they make to be supported by their families.

  3. She's looking for a dog; specifically a "breed that boroughs." Nuff said.

  4. why does having money make people weak?

    some people

    i've known kids who had everything and then worked their butts off

  5. She is a total idiot who does nothing but point at bones. Ha!

  6. Is the L for Love? I think it's a tick, like her pumpkin smile.

  7. I am so tired of the pointing and the Jim Carrey faces and the sheer tedium that emanates from her. Christ is she boring.

  8. She honestly can't offer any more explanation? She wants a dog because Julia has one? She wants one that "boroughs"? Like a prairie dog?? It's so much easier to write 5 sentences on why you'd like a dog than to "introduce" some junky 2004 "gadget." And still, FAIL.

  9. I'd be interested in a traffic comparison charting Julia vs. Meghan vs. Mary's current site.

    Anyone have that?

    Meghan just seems so boring I can't fathom anyone reading her drivel.

  10. Michael McDonald has really turned on JA. She must have ripped him off again.

  11. ^^^ No one does! I think that is kind of the point. Mary, however painfully, is trying. Meghan? Crickets.

    I am sure her traffic is pretty much non-existent by this point.

    It is sad and hilarious how lopsided NS has become. And how Meghan is not even Shamu-paparazzi.


  12. No, anon 10:11, I just got some help. I can see when I am being used and abused more clearly now.

    But I do falter often.

    For example, I am still hard as rock for a certain hairbanned (hair brained?) fanatic.

    It. Never. Ever. Subsides.

    What a fool believes!

  13. I always thought mary and meghan were really good friends and yet since mary has left, nothing, even julia posts notes on mary's site.

  14. Some Problems:

    Mary ain't trying tonight! Her site is like a TMI commenter site before they started moderating and she is MIA

  15. ^^^ Possibly.

    Mary seems kind of beaten down at the moment.

    But! Mary has a waaaaaay better chance of landing the trophy wife gig than Jackles at this point.

    Sadly, i think Mary has real serious career ambitions.


  16. Some P's

    yeah, I agree, some trolls dipped in hornyness have taken over the comments.

    and I too think she will land a wife position, unfortunately, baugher was right, she'll divorce when the hubbie comes out.

    as to her ambitions, once she realizes she can't compete with leven, she'll agree to the pre-divorced position.

  17. Meanwhile, back in julia land, she is posting pictures of her petting things, and in each case, the guy holding the thing she is petting is thinking the same thing.

    She actually has on a cute dress in photo 1, not so much in photo 2.

  18. i find it interesting that julia "liked" the controversial post on morethanmary from today. its her way of saying "i taught you well, grasshopper"

  19. Now I think both mary and julia are commenting as supporters, yet they are tiring...

  20. Yeah, Meghan is just a huge zero. Julia and Mary, despite their ish, have waaaaaay more in common.

    Meghan is just: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  21. Gawker has a story "what it;s like to work for bonnie fuller" and nooooo mention of julia, ''

    that has to burn her whale=watching ass!

  22. It just occured to me that maybe Meghan is trying to make her functional illiteracy her "thing." She's pretty much a blank slate in general, but what makes her vaguely entertaining/fascinating is that she's a highlight reel of language butchery. It's one thing for her to wish her iphone had a spellchecker to make sure a post says "cubicle" instead of "cubical," but she is beyond help if she thinks the word is "boroughs."

  23. ^^ Of course I lost all credibility by spelling it "occured." Team Meghan is right -- spelling IS overrated!

  24. that has to burn her whale=watching ass!

    Not to mention her whale-sized ass.

    What is with Meghan? Between that gaping Jack-O-Lantern grin and her incessant need to point in every. fucking. picture. she grates beyond words. Words that she can never spell. Everyone has some words that vex us for whatever reason, but she has many and they are basic words that most public school high school students should know. Remember suit-o? Did this girl really graduate from an American university? Gee, I wonder how she got that hedge fund job...

  25. John Optional MellencampMay 22, 2009 at 7:10 PM

    Gawker has done YET ANOTHER ARTICLE on Jowlia.

    DON'T CLICK ON IT. Encourage them to let her die.