Friday, May 8, 2009

Julia: Radio Interview

Our commenters are abuzz about the radio interview Jackles did this week while wandering the streets. Apparently she is far too busy Twitter-harassing people to have actually arranged to sit in a quiet place and do the interview from a landline.

In this interview, Jackles:

1. Erroneously states Owen Thomas has been laid off from Gawker and is getting his karma for writing the truth about her. She also revels in the fact that Valleywag has now been folded into Gawker, again suggesting some sort of karmic payback for how mean the site has apparently been to her (mean = accurate on Planet Jackles.) In fact, Owen Thomas left Valleywag for greener pastures -- running NBC Bay Area, to be exact, owned by the same network running JA's taxicab shitshow. Maybe not so smart, Jackles.

2. Has a low-level freakout when someone has the gall to speak to her as she conducts the interview. Apparently it was someone kicking her out of whatever building she entered to try to conduct the interview in a place where her connection didn't keep dropping and where it wasn't too noisy.

3. Gets her back up when the interviewer doesn't know what lip-dubbing is. Naima Jones (not Bree Baker, a commenter has kindly corrected me) from Radio GoDaddy also had the nerve to make some joke about JA's lipdubs being X-rated.


  1. Can't you see I'm doing an interview!!!??? I'm famous, people! I take my interviews in Dr. Gary D.D.S.'s office and on street corners! Live diferentely!

  2. The interviewer was Naima Jones for GoDaddy. Bree Baker was another guest that day.
    PS Radar has since folded after rating her the 3rd most hated person on the internet. I guess they got their comeuppance.

  3. i love that pic!

    But, seriously, folks....

    WHO wears their hair that way? That is the strangest hairstyle I have seen ever.

  4. the interview was tragic except that she is really mean. so that makes it just pukey.

    the entitlement! oh, the entitlement!

  5. Radaronline was the outlet that called her that and it is very much alive and owned by the National Enquirer, I think. In any event, a going concern.

  6. Jankles made the radar folding comment so it must be accurate! Owen Thomas called and said he heard Jankles got "let go" from Time Out New York because she called him a cunt.
    Have a great day! XO

  7. The reference librarian in my little upstate NY town wears her hair like that, bobby pins too!

  8. Julia calls herself a journalist?

    Nice spin. A "journalist" whose sole beat is herself.

  9. Dear lord, her hair is so greasy and her overbite is obnoxious in that picture! What happened to her, she use to be somewhat attractive. Does she even care about her hygiene and weight issues?

  10. Barcelona, you're so right. And yet, it's one of the worst-covered beats in the 5 boroughs. Write what you don't know. Is that the saying?!

  11. Betsy: Is that true?

    Have a great day XO

  12. Sorry, I meant:

    Have a great day!!! XO

  13. Comments on Wine Library TV's facebook page in response to being on TMI Weekly:

    "sorry, but that was a bit hard to watch. cut cut cut cut cut cut"

    "Who ARE these chics?"

    "too much "girls" not enough Gary!!"

    "Cool, getting your voice out there. Not bad, but the editing drove me CRAZY!!! Tons of cuts, and I wanted to see what was going on between them."

    "Liked Gary. The girls were annoying."

    "ugh, homeslice, they hacked you up! i don't like gary edited!"

    "wow that sucked"

    "I agree Claudine in too much girly nonsensical talk not enough Gary BUT he is doing one of the things he does best...teaching...taking the thunder to the masses and demystifying wine."

    "'like handbags' hahaha.
    Stemless glasses! No.
    Choppy editing to make it appear exciting. No.
    Ads in the middle. No.
    TMI - Too Many Issues - OMFG... Read More
    I understand now how not to do this kind of stuff.
    Not crit-ing the girls. But...
    Makes me appreciate The Thunder Show more."


    "Way too edited man...YIKES"

    "glad to see you're working all the angles, although this one was a little "acute" for me."

    "I love Gary, but yikes what the man must do for his cause. The definition of tripe from twits."

    "yeah, the ladies seem a little on the 'girl' side, but I think that might be their 'schtick'....appearing to be 'every day gals who are into what's hip' or whatever.
    I have to say I found them annoying...
    I hate that they divide this into two bits...
    So, after the first...we've seen one wine and didn't really get GV's take on it...... Read More
    I hated the edits too...
    But, appreciate GV 'getting out there' ...he's the ultimate entrepreneur/business man after all"

    "Their editor must be a cokehead. I have scratched up cds with more cohesion."

    "Maybe 3 Grils are to much for him! :D Somehow the title sounds like 2 girls and .. :S weird."

    "I'm sure that's exactly what they were going for, trying to get a little word of mouth buzz going maybe. Never knew TMI existed, but it seems wine library TV folks aren't the only ones that have an issue with these gals.
    As always, Veynerchuck , good job. ...
    TMI, too many issues indeed."

  14. "Are you familiar with the concept of lip-syncing?". What a bitch.

    Man...that interviewer has a LOT of patience. I would have lasted about 3 more seconds before *OOPS* the connection would have cut out and Julia would have been gone from the show.

  15. Do you think that when Julia reads the comments on TMI she thinks they're from a few haters and not representative of the majority opinion? She's mistaken if she thinks that but I do think she tells herself this to sleep at night.

  16. It's clear after listening to this that Julia actually thinks she is providing content.

    "There's pictures of me rock climbing". No there's not, there's a picture of a poster at Chelsea Piers and a picture of a girl who may or may not be someone you know standing by a rock climbing wall.

    "We filmed 9 episodes of TMI so there's pictures of that". No there's not, there's 8 pictures of basically the SAME FUCKING THING (the 3 half of which are blurry and all of which are crappy), the very same thing that is in the video of TMI Weekly...the 3 of you numbskulls sittin around a table with your TMI stickered mugs. Ok, wait. I take that back. 3 of the pics showed boom mics. How totally very behind the scenes.

  17. @anon 738 "Are you familiar with the concept of lip-syncing" ... like it's a rare skill, a refined art

    when it comes to lip syncing, there's lypsinka and then there's everyone else


  18. re TMI: "Their editor must be a cokehead. I have scratched up cds with more cohesion."

    lots of edits = lots of fuckups.

    i'm loving this bow leg montage.

    jackles makes the world go round...

  19. a peek into the future

  20. Wow, 7:18, you're totally right! I never even noticed her overbite before!

    Must be something the carefully contrived left side of face, hand on hip, chin down, pursed lips, neck extended, boobs thrust out, shoulders askew, hips angled, legs crossed, bending forward FUCKING FAKE FORCED CONTORTIONIST POSE must have been inspired to hide.

    She is pathetic and pitiful.

  21. I must be a tech. idiot. I can't manage to hear the damn thing. I'm guessing it's no great loss though.

  22. What a horrendous interview. She sounds like a bitch.

  23. we always knew she was really, really mean and filled with hate. but now we have proof.

  24. anon's what you missed.

    "KCHEEEEEEEE *static* KCHEEEEEEEEEE hello? hello? yeah I'm on the street. I can't properly hear you? Yeah, thanks for saying I'm super's not totally true, I mean 11,000 followers on twitter is pretty good but I'm not like, ASHTON KUCTHER! I mean, he has a million followers after his little.....stunt. hold on. WHUT? WHY CAN'T I STAY IN HERE??? EXCUSE ME! But I am TRYING to do a RADIO INTERVIEW Mr. Taxi Cab Man, so if you'd let me stay in your Taxi Cab Place. I am ON the RADIO. The web radio. Radio 2.0. Anyways UGH the taxi cab man is like, alll....UGH... anyways my site is like, lip dubs. Are you even familiar with lip-syncing? I love Next New Networks, Next New Networks, Nextnewneenenwnweworks. TMI! Web show. My LIFECAST is just me, in my every day life and what it's like to be a journalist in Manhattan. And Owen Thomas got FIRED from his sad little VALLEYWAG that's totally going down bc he said I am lame, and God smites those who say I am lame. On my LIFECAST I used to talk more about dating,'s just ...people are SO MEAN and it's just what happens when you become a popular celeb...and I never really intended for people to criticize me...I about my private life...that I willfully put on the web...and like here's 2 more minutes of something about privacy that made no sense and sounded a lot like this WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH. Anyway gotta go BYE!!!!!! BYEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

  25. God I love some of you vicious pricks and bitches. It is heartening to know we have each other.

  26. I try to give Julia the benefit of the doubt but here...the *only* thing she did effectively was how she slickly worked in the plug about Go Daddy at the end. For someone who's supposed to be so canny at self-promotion, she was all but trying *not* to sell yourself!

    She couldn't even answer basic questions well. "Why do you have 11,000 followers"...."uh, I don't know, you know Ashton has a lot more." The one time where humility is not a good thing Julia is humble.

    Plus she specifically waxed on about how her blog is neutered vs. how it once was...couldn't this expert spinner have spun that in a positive way?

    Bottom line: If you had never heard of Julia Allison before this interview, you would have no inclination to want to check out her blog and show, let alone continually visit it. Therefore if you were a possible *sponsor* who had never heard of Julia, you would have no reason to think her blog or show is a compelling advertising medium vs. all the other options out there.

    I'm not one to judge (and felt sympathetic, I must admit) because I've had my share of fuckups in equivalent situations like job interviews. Usually said fuckups were due to -- surprise! -- lack of sleep.

    And with Julia's lifestyle, as we know it was probably this and more. For one, she probably forgot she was scheduled to do it and so had to call in from whatever location she happened to be that moment. I can see this happening with a "celebrity" who gets interviews all the time, but while she's had more than a few she hasn't had enough to not see each one as important and treat it as such.

    But when you haven't slept, when you're not eating properly, when your brain and memory aren't functioning right as a result...there you go.

    And all this wouldn't have even been *so* bad if the object of her derision on before her was relaxed, articulate, and prepared (he clearly wasn't calling from the street).

    This is the kind of thing she should have been able to (wait for it...) do in her sleep.

    I genuinely feel bad for her and, as has been mentioned before over and over, hopes that "intervention" happens sooner than later.

  27. *sooner rather than later.

  28. Yes, Owen Thomas was witty and charming, and then this idiot comes on rambling like a fool and saying nothing. So unprofessional.

  29. Jacy,

    No, I massaged the truth there, just thought I would show your avid reader JA that karma works both ways.

    Have a great day! XO

  30. NomSociety: kisses for making it so I don't have to listen. And for making me laugh a lot.

  31. Wow, way to way to connect with an audience and expand the franchise, Julia! How's it feel to have an interviewer handle you like with tongs?

  32. Wow, I think the facebook brass would be interested to know how Randi Z is threatening to abuse her power. So professional of her! Notice she deleted that unflattering tweet?

  33. oh who was mentioning how much julia yaps about how long she has talked to someone? I was cracking up bcuz her fbook status the other night said "i can't believe I just talked to gloria steinam for 45 minutes" or something to that effect. this chick always has a fucking timer for every conversation.

  34. one more thing about owen thomas:
    "What I think people fundamentally misunderstood about my career at Valleywag is that I’m not angry at people," he said. "I’m sad, I’m disappointed. They really could do so much better with their lives." (hint hint)

  35. How fucking unprofessional! You have a radio interview scheduled, but you don't make sure you'll be somewhere quiet? Walking down the street, out of breath? Real nice, Jankles.

    Also, there is a funny moment (not sure what time in the clip) when Jankles is describing her 'lifecast'. The interviewer keeps trying to get a question in, but Jankles keeps rambling. You can hear the interviewer let out an audbile sigh of frustration. Try listening with a headset and you'll hear it.

  36. Jesus Christ, she wrote a review on the BluePrint Cleanse ...

    ... but doesn't mention that anywhere that she gets the juice for free.

    She's writing an advertisement, basically, and is getting paid in free juice.

  37. Anon 9:21

    The best part? The "full disclosure":


    I've been such a big fan of Blueprint for so long that I've become friends with the owners, Erica & Zoe. They are two amazing, accomplished women, and they've built an incredible business with an awesome product - which I'm drinking as I type!

  38. She comes across as manic/crazy/high in that review.

  39. Does have any disclosure requirements? I believe Yelp requires some disclosures (although I don't personally trust them). If lunch doesn't require disclosure for stuff like this, then I guess there's nothing to stop people from using the site as a pitstop for posting marketing spam. If she can rave about a product that she gets for free without disclosing that fact, couldn't anyone with a product to promote do the same, or worse, leaving the integrity of (which IMO looks like a pretty useless site anyway) totally shot.

  40. 2 people commented on that she should disclose that she gets the product for free. Both comments on have been deleted in under 10 minutes!!!!

  41. I can't get the interview to download. Is anybody able to re-upload an mp3 to a site like I'd love to hear the fuckery for myself.

  42. OMG....Another comment to her review was just deleted. All people asking her to fess up about getting the juices for free!!!

  43. Anon 9:38, I checked their FAQ. No disclosure requirements.

    It is much less than Yelp. It looks like a touchy feely place where companies and their shills can post glowing reviews. Not difficult to see why JA likes it.

  44. Love how the announcer brings up the 'most-hated' issue immediately after Julia gives her the uber- bitchy response to the lip dub question.

    JA: "[ANNOYED SIGH] Have you ever HEARD of lip syncing?"

    DJ: "[FLAT TONE] Yesssss, I have. [PERKS UP] So I hear you're the 3rd most hated person on the internet. How's that feel?"

  45. Are you kidding me, Jing? Jesus Christ. This site has all the credibility of Julia Allison Baugher.

    Manicmanicmanicmanicmanic Julia. Sweetie, you are a pathological liar. If you want to fully disclose, you might want to mention that you don't pay for the product you are reviewing. And cupcake? You are about 50% less clever than you think.

  46. Just tested out the comments myself. I asked about disclosure.My comment was deleted in 5 minutes.

  47. 9:46,

    Then sounds even more useless than it did initially. I think the only reason Julia likes it is that she seems to have some mutual promotion/benefit thing going on with them. No way do I believe she'd post these long comments just because she enjoys it. Each lunch post of hers is like a few months of NS posts combined. I don't believe she'd write all that unless she was getting something from either lunch or the places she's reviewing or both.

  48. is a crock of shit. A complete and utter crock of shit. And they found their dream spokesperson in Julia Allison Baugher.

    That, my friends, is synergy in branding. Full of shit site using a full of shit spokesperson.

  49. HA. She just updated her review to include further disclosure.

  50. She's obviously refreshing like crazy every 5 seconds if she can delete comments and edit like that. INTERNET ADDICTION.

  51. Just saw another disclose comment deleted!!! Seriously, is she monitoring her own review comments? Does she have an admin delete button?


    "I receive a limited number of juices every month, gratis, for which I pay only delivery charges."

  53. And deleted 2 more comments that had been left!

  54. Julia? You are still a filthy liar, cupcake. But you've heard that most of your life, so I am telling you nothing new. Google before you get into bed with this kind of filth. She is despised across the internet and has zero credibility as any kind of spokesperson, for anything.

  55. is it an over bite or an underbite?

    email me your answers!

  56. Can those that author review on delete the comments for those reviews? If so, the whole thing is a crock of shit.

  57. i have a slogan for "there's no such thing as a free lunch."

    ha ha ha ha ha

    also, writing for juice money? tragic.

  58. Hahahahaha! Just listened to this!
    I think the true Julia Allison is the bitch who haughtily says "Sorry I am doing an interview right now!" to some pleb in the background who dares interrupt her as she tries to conduct a prearranged phone call interview in a public place.

  59. Wow, this manic reviewing phase of Julia Allison's really takes the (cup)cake. I mean, NonSociety is basically dead in the water and has been for some time. No Time Out New York deadlines anymore. Randi Z went on ahead to DC and Julia is left with too much time on her hands to post "reviews" of products she shills and ride herd on any negative comments. On Friday night, no less.

    It's almost sad. Almost.

  60. Listening to the interview, it was the Twitter followers bit that cracked me up. Julia's desperately trying to justify herself as a social media branding maven, or whatever the heck she wants to be, but she's completely stifled by the fact that despite Twitter becoming more and more mainstream, and more and more people joining, those people aren't following Julia. So many "internet famous" people have found that their numbers have skyrocketed over the last few months into the 6-figure brackets, and Julia's just stuck there. The fact that people like Ashton Kutcher (oh, sorry, Ashton No-Surname-Needed) and Oprah (now she really doesn't need a surname) joined and immediately got a ton of followers must really irk Julia.

  61. RE: Radio Interview
    WHAT DATING LIFE? Does she mean the late night "tea only" dates? Because she twitters about those as well as all her regrets related to them.
    Also the actors and actresses refusing to talk about their personal lives... um, they're possessing ACTUAL talent, happen to be on a worldwide stage in front of millions constantly and actually DO want to be known for what their doing (sorry, LOLed at her saying she started her nonsense due to wanting people to read her writing. Yeah? REALLY? How the so-called mighty have fallen, in that case.) as opposed to who they're dating and whatever is going on in their private lives. She isn't even on the same planet as these types and yet she leaks and writes stories about her dating life. She doesn't want to put her dating life out there for people to criticize (because you know, there isn't plenty of material from her disgusting personality to work with regardless) while being a DATING COLUMNIST. More like "this is my stated profession and I fail at it, so I'd really rather not reveal my inadequacy".

  62. Interesting.. she has to edit in order to mention she gets the juice for free. The "gratis" in place of the word FREE is completely intentional and placed to throw people off; yet another instance of massaging the truth/dropping additional detail following scrutiny and questioning.

  63. I was just looking at Wil Wheaton's twitter page and I noticed that he had HALF A MILLION followers. Not bad for a dude who hasn't been in the mainstream media in years (unlike Kutcher who was needed to go on Oprah to push him over a million). It's due almost entirely to the awesome content he posts on his blog.

  64. I'm drinking as I type!

    Well, that certainly explains why she comes off as an asshole much of the time!

    Might also explain her serious delusions of grandeur, because according to this GoDaddy interview, she's a celebrity whose personal life is much like that of actual celebrities.

  65. I love how Jackles states that she can relate to celebrities who get they put a hint of relationship info out there.

    Is that was was? A HINT of relationship info?

    The saddest thing about Julia is that she created this monster that she now whines about. She wears dresses made of condoms and then yells "why are you looking at me?"

    She is delusional at best, pathetic always.