Sunday, May 3, 2009

Yulia: And she wonder why peoples think her tweets are banal

Rainy Sunday.
about 2 hours ago from web

Goodnight, moon.
about 13 hours ago from web

Walking through sunny Central Park - feeling so lucky to live in this crazy, wonderful city.
12:38 PM May 2nd from txt

My dog with the three legs named Agrafina is on the Twitter now. I like her Tweets better:

I poop.
about 2 hours ago from web

I make the urine.
about 6 hours ago from web

I put the kibble in my snout.
about 7 hours ago from web

Goodnight, moon.
about 10 hours ago from web


  1. Whoa, check out this old picture of Mary:

  2. This bothers me:

    She says
    "Nars in “Schiap” (um, wtf kind of name is that?)"

    The color is shocking pink, the name is clearly a reference to Elsa Schiaparelli, a very famous fashion designer who was known for using hot pink in her designs.


    Girl needs to a get a friggin clue.

  3. I just spent a few minutes (ok an hour) looking back at nonsociety when it first came out as well as julia's blog pre-nonsociety. basically her life was actually halfway interesting back then. she went to parties and shoots and she wrote for some media entities.

    her life literally is boring right now. she has no content because the content of her life is actually boring. no talking head, no writing a column. just geek/tech conferences (?). It's odd because her life would be more interesting if she mixed it up, but for the most part, geeks don't lead interesting lives. I thought she would have figured that out by now since Bravo show got declined due to geekery being boring.

  4. She needs to cut that 'goodnight moon' shit out. It's not cute or endearing for a 30 year old woman to reference a preschool book.

  5. Julia Allison: Overtwitterated

  6. If only she was honest about her goodnights:
    - good night ratty hair extensions I put over the back of the chair,
    - good night lily's poop I will have someone else pick up once I found a reason to dump the dog on them,
    - good night pictures and paintings of ME all over the appartment - they are the reason I get out of bed at 13.00 every day,
    - good night WIRED cover I built a shrine for because THAT was my moment to shine,
    to be continued...

  7. Holy shit, that picture of Mary is unfortunate. That hair. She looks several hundred times better now.

  8. IronicSlanket:

    - goodnight Alex, Michael, Jakob, Charles and Ben ... I cannot believe you all dumped my hot ass

    - goodnight wonk eye, at least in slumber I look normal

    - goodnight mom and dad, next time I order you to buy me an iPhone for Christmas you'd better fucking do it

    - goodnight Nick Denton, please pay attention to me again

    - goodnight Mary, you stupid bitch who made me look bad. At least I'm not anorexic and all wrinkly

  9. - goodnight Lilly, you shitting prop.

  10. Oops! Sorry, Iron Slanket!

    Let's see...

    - goodnight MIT Innovation Club pizza pies, you beautiful pizza pies that I couldn't scarf in front of those losers, but I would now like there's no tomorrow! The cheese on my chin! The sauce on my sweatshirt! I'm so hungry!!!!

    -- Anon, 6:02

  11. ahhaah! Iron Slanket...

    Jesus...too much Iron Curtain thoughts in my head.

    Back to work...

    -- anon 6:02

  12. goodnight iron slanket which I wrap around my broken heart

  13. Goodnight self respect, ooops...

  14. mary looks waaaaaay better now; good for her

  15. Goodnight, Monique Lhuillier princess dress. Those bitches at Bergdorf's had better come through.

  16. Does anyone else think it's strange that she doesn't try to put more interesting things on her blog? How does she hope to attract a big audience with pictures of her dog?

  17. Goodnight, relevance

  18. Good night spotlight

  19. good night dinner *vom...flush*

    too much?

  20. @Newbie

    delusions of grandeur. she really does think she's that interesting.

  21. Jacy, you are killing me! I Love Julia saying goognight to all her exs.

  22. Mary still seems on good terms w/ Julia - still praising her on her blog.

    Could we be overestimating the animosity there?

  23. - goodnight, sweet tits. Please, hold out a little longer, OK? Big things will happen, I promise!

  24. Someone email and ask her about the boob job

  25. I mean her breasts not the opening for a new contributer to replace Mary

  26. - goodnight, wangs.

  27. goodnight, 10,000 words over my limit.

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  29. 7:44 - I think Mary is just a spectacular actress. Or, just dumb. The latter is more likely.

  30. So we're back to late night dates and twitter-complaining about it. Julia's life is like one looooong Groundhog Day.

    1.) juliaallison: Why did I promise to go meet this guy for drinks on a Sunday night again?? Ugh. #wishIwereinbed
    about 7 hours ago from txt

    Rest of the world: Because you are one sad, desperate clown.

    2.) The usual twitter replies:
    benreesman: @juliaallison ha i hope he doesn't have twitter.
    about 7 hours ago from Tweetie

    kimcheerules: @juliaallison whos the guy?? Jay cutler :)
    about 7 hours ago from web ·

    PhilippeKeb: @juliaallison - We want to know how the date went :)
    about 5 hours ago from web ·

    3.) The night ends on a predictably boring note:

    juliaallison: Heading home. I had two cups of tea, and I'm exhausted for some reason...
    about 5 hours ago from txt

    Of course you are...

  31. Gee two cups of tea! You are SO MUCH FUN Julia! I can't understand why men aren't lining up to spend time with your exhilarating self!

  32. At least not at civil hours. I thought that match maker gig was over, but...

    On a more general note, I never quite got the concept of match maker inventory anyway. I mean, inventory implies that this girl is not for keeping, but what is she there fore then?

    If Julia and Mary were some kind of representative samples of the type of women available, I wouldn't be surprised if that service went out of business by now. What other does "inventory" say than either "no seller" or escort?

  33. Seems like Julia's "dates" are always late night, drinks only affairs. That screams less "match making" and more "escort service" to me.

  34. Some people think meeting for drinks or coffee to do the 'get to know you' shit is less of a committment than say dinner or a show. You know, less pressure. I say it means you haven't chatted online beforehand enough.

    Then again I'm not some super busy celebrity who can only give you 15 minutes over tea for a potential husband interview.