Thursday, May 28, 2009

Julia: DonkeyGate? Or PhotoGate? You Guys Decide.

Our wily commenters noticed today that Jackles, in a post about how she spent her three-day vacation, boasts about the pretty heart she drew in the sand (CORRECTION: She did not write `while away.' She just implied it). There is just one minor problem. The photo is time-stamped Feb. 12, 2007 -- exactly when she was on the lovely Caribbean island of St. Barts, known for its sandy white coral beaches.

Here is today's blog post about her rejuvenating "beach" vacation:

What I Did on My Three Day Vacation

I swam and read and hiked and sat in the sun and watched bad movies after dinner and called my mom for marathon phone conversations and slept at least 9 hours each night and went out to eat every evening and savored (small portions of) incredible desserts and still lost four pounds!

What I Didn’t Do

Open my laptop for 72 hours
Go on the internet
Wear makeup
Take any photographs of myself

In other words: it was perfect.

I don’t know why I waited so long to do this. Just having that uninterrupted time to focus on relaxation and health and sleep was worth far more than a dozen multi-tasking trips/”vacations” or afternoons/Sundays off or whatever.

I came back rested, feeling better about my body and my health than I have in a long, long time.

The other conculsion I came to? I need a lot more time off this whole internet thing.

Not sure how this will play out, but let’s just put it this way: I can say with assurance that the relaxation and balance I experienced over this trip wouldn’t have been possible had I been checking my email.

(I’m very proud of the heart I drew in the photo above.)

I guess one of the ways in which Jackles doesn't really want to reinvent herself after her time away to reflect on her life is to STOP LYING.

Notice too, fellow DonkeyGate conspiracy theorists, how very much the above beach photo resembles the beach in this photo, taken by Jackles at the same time -- February 2007. And by resembles, I mean it's the exact same beach.


  1. Please note that in typical JABa lawyerese, she never said that she drew that sand heart on this trip. Therefore, in her warped mind, it's not lying.

    And yea, she was totally lurking here, Gawker, etc., all those days she was supposedly disconnected from the interwebz and connected to LIFE.

  2. Yes, that will be the legal defence: I didn't say I drew it on this vacation! I just said I drew a heart in the sand!! GOD!!!

  3. Off topic: but there is a very sad video on Meghanaisse's blog of Lilly after a bath. The poor thing is struggling to get the water out of her ears (which shouldn't be there in the first place) and "about-to-buy-a-boroughing-dog" geekette thinks it's just so adorable and funny. The poor dog is suffering for cryin' out loud!
    (Though I can understand Meghanaisse using the "sorry, I can't take Lilly because my new puppy doesn't get along with her" defense to stop being the assumed drop off when Julia dumps her inconvenient accessory.)
    It's like when Mary rushed Mason to the vet because ... omg ... he has a penis.
    These girls are so damn stupid sometimes. I pitty their innocent "pets".

  4. Side note: is it me or has this site been totally free of commeneter-on-commenter violence and Julia defenders/commenter attacks since JA suspended broadcasts from planet crazy?

    Aaaand, countdown til someone calls someone here crazy or uses term "get a life" ... begin

  5. It's just so strange!! What is the point of implying you drew this heart in the sand on your vacation. "Oh, I figured her vacation was bullshit and she learned nothing, buttt I see she drew a heart in the sand, so it MUST have been pretty inspiring" Strange, strange chubbycakes that one

  6. No, not free. The Comment Sheriff has been hard at work, and they get deleted pretty quickly.

  7. this is fucking unbelievable. just kidding. it's sadly, totally, completely believable. it's just her lying stuns me on a regular basis. nice work RBNS.

  8. According to the time stamps, both photos were taken a minute from each other on 12 Feb 2007, 5.46 the heart, 5.47 the surrogate post card. How is that even possible? I mean the drawing and photographing and then the writing, walking back and photographing.

  9. Great detective work, as usual, Jacy. I have a question that I hope you can sleuth. Very recently, commenters were alluding that Julia has told some people she was raped. I haven't seen her write about this publicly, but maybe I have missed it? I'm just curious if this is a real story or something people are making up. Didn't know where else to post this.

  10. aaah. You don't say that with "assurance" - no one was explicitly doubting you or needing assurance. You say it with "certainty" or even certitude - if you're feeling all writerly. I hate that about both these remaining NS'ers. They don't blink when they call themselves writers. But they cannot write and use 50-cent words all the time - and use them incorrectly. Megha and her "rain-induced Sundays" and shit. Idiots.

    Also: JA. Um, how are you gonna go to conferences and be a professional web start-up expert, and make fuck-you money, if you hate the internet?

  11. I need a new caring owner..

    Can I stay with PartyPants?


  12. Julia is reinventing herself... into this:

  13. fucking lier, I can't believe how much she lies, even about stupid hearts in the sand!

  14. @4:57: It wasn't me, it never is, it's our commenters!

    As for your other question, details are sketchy but I have seen it alleged that she claimed she was date-raped at college while in trouble with the dean for something ... not finishing an assignment or missing an exam or something. Details are hazy, and I don't know if it's true.

    Calling Jack the Bulldog!

  15. I have heard that when Julia was trying to clean up her Google search results when she still thought she could land a Bravo deal, she started writing random emails to publications late into the night saying something to the effect, "I was raped, which is why I changed my name, so please take Baugher off your sites."

  16. Even implications can be construed as lies -- she led us to believe (yeah, somewhat implicitly) that the photo was taken over the recent vacation. Ha!

  17. Oh my God, she was doing the blowing-kisses six years ago, pre-nose job.

  18. It's scary, the extent she will go to cover up a trip to the fat farm. But consistent with her other "reinventions."

    Oh, Harvard boy, where art thou?

  19. Bob Levey: What's it like to have your mother act as your editor?

    Julia Baugher: I love it!! She's amazing. It's actually made our relationship much closer ... she was in DC when she was 22 years old, as a speechwriter for Nixon. I think because we've had experiences that mirror each other (okay, she wasn't a sex columnist in the Nixon whitehouse, but go with me here), she understands me. Actually, we just finished editing my column for next week - on virginity. :) that was a lot of fun. She'd definitely getting "hip" to the college slang, like "booty calls" and ... well ... other things I can't write here ;)

  20. I didn't really see any reason to assume she was at canyon ranch or anything like that before. But by her description hre, it actually really sounds like she was at someplace like that doesn't it?

  21. How can you figure out the time stamp?

  22. Yes, did she crop it or something? I guess I don't understand time stamps either.

  23. Like sands of time Julia Lies of Living Differently

  24. I posted about the photo timestamp and it's easy to look at embedded image info on a Mac using Preview (Tools -> Inspector). I'm sure there's something similar for Windows.

    Anyone who posts photos taken with a recent iPhone should be aware that your GPS co-ordinates get embedded, which may be information you don't want to share. Typing the coordinates into Google will give the location to within a city block.

    Anon, making RBNS a tool for learning since Feb 2009.

  25. so let me get this straight, julia posts less and meghan posts more?


  26. @5:39

    "I didn't really see any reason to assume she was at canyon ranch or anything like that before. But by her description hre, it actually really sounds like she was at someplace like that doesn't it?"

    Yeah, because she NEVER lies.

  27. If she misleads and obfuscates on meaningless shit like this ... stuff she doesn't need to lie about, imagine the big lies she tells, to herself and others, all the time. This was totally unnecessary. She didn't need to blog anything other than "I'm back and really well-rested. Hi everyone."

    People who tell little lies all the time tell horrible, massive ones all the time, in every major relationship, to employers, to friends and loved ones.


  28. So "luv from st. bart's" was actually executed in Chicago?

  29. She lied. Stop trying to make a defense for her. It's obvious she meant to imply that photo was from her trip and that after listing all she accomplished, she made a comment "I'm very proud that I drew that heart." Meaning, she was being cute about accomplishing that too.

    This woman is BEYOND ill. This is pathological lying about stuipid shit. The hallmark of pathological lying is lying when you don't have to, just because you can get away with it.


  30. A normal person would have said all the same things and also felt compelled to divulge

    (*this pic is from an old vacation since I didn't TAKE pics of this one! xo)

    It's worrisome.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. She was with her family....

  33. Totally agree with @alana.

    I was always just joking about Julia going to a high class cleansing resort but now...

    I mean, there's something she's hiding. RIGHT?

  34. Yeah. I agee with @ 6:40. I think those phone convos with mom were in person talks.

  35. VeryProudOfCommentIWroteInTheSpaceBelowMay 28, 2009 at 6:46 PM

    What am I missing here, what is there to be "very proud" about exactly when it comes to drawing a heart in some sand?

  36. FormerGawkerEmployeeMay 28, 2009 at 6:47 PM

    She WAS with her family, and so the "marathon phone conversations with Momsers" is another lie. Why say anything at all? It seems those chats with Mom didn't accomplish much. The girl still needs a serious psychiatric intervention.

    I wonder if Mary's Tweet of "unbelievable" when JA was Tweeting about how she was going somewhere hot was an expression of dismay that her frenemy was publicly lying again. I thought it was an odd thing to Tweet at the time.

  37. The split second time stamp is possible when you open an image and photoshop and modify it.

    These were more than likely resized for the web- and not the originals, which would probably show a different time stamp.

  38. FGE:

    Wow, you know for sure she was with family? She did mail grandma and mom presents the day before she left for the trip. Did she meet them in Chi or somewhere else?

  39. Exif:

    Contrast: Normal
    Custom Rendered: Normal process
    Date Time Digitized: 2007:02:12 04:46:49
    Date Time Original: 2007:02:12 04:46:49
    Digital Zoom Ratio: 0
    Exif Version: 2.2.1
    Exposure Bias Value: 0
    Exposure Mode: Auto exposure
    Exposure Program: Portrait mode
    Exposure Time: 1 / 640
    Flash: Flash did not fire, auto mode
    FlashPix Version: 1.0
    FNumber: 2.8
    Focal Length: 7.9
    Focal Length In 35mm Film: 38
    Gain Control: None
    Light Source: unknown
    Max Aperture Value: 3
    Metering Mode: Pattern
    Pixel X Dimension: 3264
    Pixel Y Dimension: 2448
    Saturation: Normal
    Scene Capture Type: Portrait
    Sharpness: Soft
    White Balance: Auto white balance


    Date Time: 2007:02:12 04:46:49
    Model: EX-Z850
    Orientation: 1 (Normal)
    Resolution Unit: inches
    Software: 1.00
    X Resolution: 72
    Y Resolution: 72

  40. 5:49 Um no, actually, not because she never lies. What exactly in my comment suggested that as the reason for my thinking?

    I thought that there was no reason to think she was going to a weight loss spa because I didn't see any evidence pointing to her going there. Like anything else it was one speculation among the many that are posted on this blog. if there was some sort of fact behind the theory posted I missed it. I have no idea what about my comment said or implied anything other than that or what prompted the snarky reply to my comment. If I'm interpreting it wrong then I apologize.

  41. Another way to get timestamp data on photos, without having to taint your hard drive by saving a copy of a JABa photo to it.

  42. Thanks, Anon 6:51. I may be more of a tech-challenged book person than I care to admit, but I'm always willing to learn.

    Recent tweet:

    Tonight's Washington, DC Agenda: Date 2.5 with Harvard Crush, who happens to be in town. Actually looking forward to this. Jinx alert! :)about 1 hour ago from web

    "Date 2.5"? Half a date does make as much sense as saying someone was 'half pregnant'.

  43. The Harvard thing has reached the point of obnoxious. It's disrespectful to the dude. Call him by a 1st initial or something. You're 28 years old, and no matter the alma mater, most people don't appreciate being referred to by the name of the college they attended!

  44. Maybe that turns him on. What's the rule for date 2.5 anyway?

  45. TJ:

    Yeah, she needs the reflected glory. On the other hand, don't feel bad for Harvard boy. About half of Harvard graduates (i.e. the legacies) will let you know in the first minute of conversation where they went to school. Yalies, being a little slower, require about 70 seconds.


  46. Actually @7:00, I think I interpreted you wrong when I first read that comment. I thought you meant that there was no reason to believe she hadn't been on the vacation that she described.

    I apologize! Sorry!

    Can we hug it out?

  47. 2.5 dates gets you a game of tonsil hockey and a cop-a-feel.

  48. Could it be true?

    The Baugher summoned Jackles to the Whilmette abode for an intervention?

  49. Is Baugher also a Georgetown grad? Perhaps they've been in D.C. together all this time.

    It WAS very hot there earlier this week.

    I wonder how swimming in the Potomac was?

  50. I think The Baugher refers to Julia's mom and Wilmette abode to the family home in Chicago.

  51. Ha? Yes, but I meant to type "The Baughers," as in the entire family. And WIlmette, not Whilmette.

  52. Speaking of Baugher, I miss her writing. I wish I could read more of it elsewhere- but, alas!

  53. anonymous photo sleuth, you are pretty awesome. now can one of you tech savvy people explain to my why all of a sudden this page seems to reload like every 15 secs? I get the annoying clicking reload sound on my pc and am wondering if it can be avoided or i just have to surf to somewhere else...

  54. has someone emailed julia or gawker to see why she lied about the st barts photo and/or if she really went to canyon ranch for the weekend?

  55. I am surprised nobody has mentioned how badly this is written, considering she is apparently a journalist.
    It's very "my holliday at the beach by billy age 6. I went to the beach and swam and hiked and ate an is kreem and then went on the sand but daddy said i was not allowed on the sand but i went on the sand. there are no compooters at the beach"

  56. I emailed her. Will report back if I get a response.

  57. Prediction:

    "I find it strange you would think I was lying. I didn't say it was a photo from this vacation. Lighten up! Don't take it all so seriously! Have a great day. xoxo Julia"

    It'll be like the time she laughably tried to defend the "women have an expiration date" line by claiming she was talking about their fertility.

  58. The constant refreshing on the comments pages is BEYOND annoying. I just turn off the status bar on IE when I'm here. It's not particular to blogger either, bc I have a blogspot and it doesn't happen there.

    To turn off the sound:
    1.Click Start > Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices
    2.Click the Sounds tab
    3.Scroll down the list under Program Events. Under the Windows Explorer section, highlight Start Navigation.
    4.Under the Sounds box, select (None) > OK, close Control Panel

  59. Weird...the refreshing just stopped, like for the first time in a few weeks. freeky deeky.

  60. You guys. Are you serious. You spent this whole thread talking about a heart photo! Really! I mean I laughed when I read the post because I thought it was a tongue in cheek joke. NEXT.

  61. Hi Jules.

    Have a nice day!

    We are also discussing the proof that some of us have that Julia was with the family this past week. She's a liar!!!!

    It's worrisome.

    Have a nice day!

  62. JABA knows that she'll be "found out" when she posts stuff like that photo. It's all part of trying to rile people up and possibly getting Gawker mention out of it. The fact that we can comment here on it and call her out and satisfy our outrage is the beauty of this place. It's also probably one of the reasons that Gawker writers don't link here. They don't want to give her more press.

  63. 8:15. SNOOZE.


  64. I don't know if she wanted the picture and the subsequent leaks about where she really was, coming out. She seems to have gone to great lengths to recreate what she did on her fauxny getaway. You know how they say the liars always provide way too many details? Good example here. She would have been smart to simply say, "Had a great vacation" and moved on...

    But she could not help herself. Again, I don't know that she wanted to get "found out" but I do think lying, making "something" out of "nothing," is her addiction.

  65. @8:15 ... that is so very close to "i find it strange" and "don't take it all so seriously." do better next time. come on. mix it up. find some new expressions.

  66. 1) Fuck off Julia

    2) Yeah, she tries to rile people up. She is just that sick. No one likes her, her business is in the crapper, but hey! Any attention is good attention.

    She is sick in the brains.

  67. RBNS is a poor mans

  68. Cranberry GuacamoleMay 28, 2009 at 8:41 PM


    What more do you want from RBNS? You are on the top of their blogroll. If I ran this blog, I'd remove your asses from the blogroll for that bullshit. Be nice, moron. Also ... you started out promising, but it's actually not very funny anymore. Quite boring. Up your game.

  69. Yeah, you went from being so subtly snarky that some people couldn't tell if you were lovin' or hatin' Jules. You've changed the voice of the blog @8:28 and not for the better.

  70. It was only funny when they were pretending to like her. Now it's a poor man's RBNS, which is a poor man's Baugher, but makes no bones about it. Long Live RBNS! All Hail Baugher!!

  71. Focus on the lying shamulia, people!

  72. @sad 4:43

    Yeah, it looks like they got shampoo and water in the dog's ears. Meghan and her sister are retards. They think the dog's behavior is cute and wonder what the dog is doing to ITSELF. If they think that is cute, wait for the laugh riot when the dog starts writhing from an ear infection. I wouldn't let them anywhere near a baby, that's for sure.

  73. @8:53

    If Julia is reading, she need to tell Megs to get her dog to the vet. It water in the ear causing vertigo and other shit already....

  74. Why is Meghan auditioning dogs? She's going to "meet" dogs and liked the one she met tonight but still has more to meet?

    I find that kinda offensive.

  75. @8:54

    Yeah you know these people are really disgusting. It's one thing for lazy, untalented, semi-pretty women to blow smoke up each other's asses about their fabulousness, but they're just foul fuck-ups who can't even be bothered to properly care for a pet. They really are disgusting useless trash.

  76. So Megs went to visit a dog and posted his picture on her blog tonight. Then she posts this:

    "Just met little this little burrowing buddy. He’s a mix of all my favorite breeds. This one definitely charmed me, but I still have some more dogs to meet."

    I have no clue what "little this little" is but I do know she got the memo re: burrowing.

    Anyway, I think it's tacky to visit dogs in need of homes until you find the perfect one. It's not dating.

  77. Yeah, and to think in February we cheered for Meghan! She is a heartless scunt. Do not like.

  78. Meghannaise, the Doggy Speed Dater

  79. All three of them are disgusting. We have "designer" Mary complaining about being broke, while posting pics of her fabulous lunches, spa visits, expensive exercise clothes, and worrying about the weather for her trip this weekend to Miami. Gross. No need to recap Julia's epic offensiveness. And now the "former model" trustafarian dog auditioner who fucks up a dog's ears and thinks the result is cute.

  80. i don't like meghan much but i have had little fluffy dogs all my life and most of them have done that whole routine when they get out of the bath. don't call the humane society yet.

  81. @9:18

    If you step on its paw, it will make funny funny noises and walk all crazy. Hope you've tried that, too! Works really well on fluffy little dogs--they all respond the same! It's another one of those fluffy little dog things, you retard.

  82. I would be happy to provide a happy home for lillipants puppington. I even know to bathe you properly. woof

  83. A trip to the, er, uh, ahem, clinic?

  84. gawker lost their best commenters in part for their julia coverage, to suggest that they should cover whether she drew this heart in the sand on one vacation or another is why this site has its weaknesses.

    maybe someone should email her and call her on it!

    again, for the 743rd time, I am not julia, ok, but go after the real stuff, ascertain why she is showing old pictures...

    this is why I get all conspiritorial and think who the hell else would benefit from endless converstions about this twit....uhm, her and her mignons. It has been quesioned here before, and thought to be a joke, but, ca'mon, who benefits from all the links to her photos, her site, I thought the purpose of RBNS was to not give julia page views, but each post there is someone, actually a few people linking to her shit.

    before there was this sheriff that only mary would fuck... there was discussion, yes, there were trolls but into each blog a little troll must fall-- at least in the blogs I have seen--ok, alcohol is kicking in, I have stopped caring. Night!

  85. Her wording and boasting about losing 4 pounds really does make it sound like she went to a fat farm.

    4 pounds down, 26 to go! Then you'll land your rich hubby! Yay, go Julia, go!

  86. FormerGawkerEmployeeMay 28, 2009 at 10:32 PM

    Her filet mignons?

    As for the trolls, snark is one thing, and those comments don't get killed, from what I've seen. Yours and others like yours, for example, always remain. But when some loser shows up repeatedly to post the real name of a commenter, and repeatedly, creepily, psychotically goes tries to incite another commenter by assailing her real-life existence, yes, those comments seem to get killed, and it would be irresponsible if they weren't, wouldn't it?

    We disemvowelled them on Gawker and/or banned the worst offenders there. Blogger doesn't allow RBNS to do that, which is why I have been urging them for months to go to Wordpress.

    And you seem to be confusing the commenters and where their discussions go with the actual stuff that's posted. Maybe the commenters link to her site, but the bloggers don't. Your conspiracy theory doesn't hold much water.

  87. The whole pageview argument doesn't hold water for me.

    NS pageviews are in downward nose dive with or without commenters posting links. The pageviews added by the several of us who click on them don't change the overall pageview trends for Nonsociety.

    Jacy, MM, BB, RG, RBNS never link to NS.

  88. Yes, I must be confused about a thread with 168 comments and `14% of those comments linking to NS.

    You "disemvolled them on Gawker'WTF does that even mean? and are you a fucking 'jacy' or just using the royal 'we'

    the bloggers of this site don't have to link to her site, just use the word photoshop and it's fucking automatic. but wait, the bloggers never comment, right?

    I see why you are a former employee, tell me, do you work here now?

  89. Julia's Mignons: ripe for usernamedom.

  90. Isn't it st. bart's, not st. barth's?

    Like, that photo is a typo?

  91. ilikejuliallisonMay 29, 2009 at 1:29 AM

    This is the real Ilikejuliaallison. Umm... we would never say we're the poor man's RBNS. Whoever wrote that is an idiot. There's enough Julia to go around, people. Also, I'm posting a video of Lily right now, just to prove that this is for real. Continue snarking, and thanks for the blogroll add!

  92. I think anony said RBNS is a poor mans Ilikejulia. Just to be clear.

  93. FormerGawkerEmployeeMay 29, 2009 at 11:14 AM

    @12:33: I moved on and work for another online publication.

    And some of the people doing this blog occasionally ask me for advice or I provide it unsolicited. They are usually appreciative, although I may overstep my bounds sometimes.

    When I said "we" I was referring to the team at Gawker that I was once a part of. Get it? Not RBNSers.

    Put the bottle down ... you are not making any sense.